Quick and Easy Nut Chocolate Dessert


350 grammes of biscuit stuff
80 grams of peanuts that have been crushed
85 grams of sugar
90 milliliters of milk, a dash of vanilla extract, and 45 grams of cocoa
1 hundred and ten grams of butter
To Apply the Glaze:
Choco 90 grammes
Thirty grams of chocolate
30 grams of avocado oil
ground peanuts, 70 grams
Toss in the sugar and crushed peanuts, then stir everything together.
Get the Chocolate Mixture Started:
Mash the milk with a wooden spoon in a pot set over medium heat.
While whisking constantly, add the chocolate and a pinch of vanillin to the milk.
When the butter has melted and the mixture is smooth, add it and whisk constantly.
Join and Construct:

Toss the biscuit ingredients with the chocolate mixture and stir until fully blended.
Press the mixture down firmly to make a uniform layer before transferring it to a mold or a prepared baking dish.
Get the Glaze Ready:
In a dish that can be heated in the microwave, mix together the dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and vegetable oil.
To melt and smooth out the chocolate, heat it in the microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring after each.
Put the Glaze on:
Once the biscuit mixture is ready, pour the melted chocolate glaze over it.
Evenly distribute the ground peanuts on top.
Set in the freezer by putting the dessert there for at least one hour.

After an hour, take the dessert out of the freezer and serve.
Before serving, cut into bars or squares.
Recommended Servings
For a sweet treat after supper, try this chocolate dish.

Enjoy as a decadent snack with your favorite hot beverage.
Advice for Cooking For the finest texture, mix the biscuit ingredients well and press firmly into the mold.
For a more robust taste in the glaze, use high-quality chocolate.
Health Advantages
Add some protein and good fats to this sweet treat by adding peanuts.
Food and Nutrition Anyone following a vegetarian diet may enjoy this dish.
Gluten-free alternative: If you’re watching what you eat, go for gluten-free biscuits.
What Makes This Recipe So Delicious
A breeze to use: Prepared in under 5 minutes (not including freezing time), and no baking is necessary.
Yummy and filling: Crunchy nuts with a rich chocolate taste.
Stunning: This dessert is sure to be the talk of the town.
In summary,
For a sweet and easy dessert that anybody can whip up in no time at all, try this Nut Chocolate Dessert. It will quickly become a favorite because to its delicious chocolate taste and crispy, nutty texture. If you want to hear nothing but praise from your loved ones, check it out! Delicious! 🍫🥜

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