Classic Caramel Flan


For the caramel:
1 cup of crystal juice

1/4 cup of water

For the cream to be glazed:
1 bottle (14 oz) of concentrated sugar

1 bottle (12 oz) of vapor

1 touch of light inside

5 gross ouufs

1 cup of extra vanilla soup


Prepare the caramel:

In a moyenne casserole, pour the crystalline sugar and water.

When the water is removed, the water is removed from the heat (don’t remove it), so that the sugar dissolves and turns around.

A beautiful ambrée profession.

Verify the caramel on a flat plate in four rounds of 9 pouces, on the plate to increase uniformity of the foundation.

How to use it?

Prepare the cream to be glazed:

Prechauffez your four à 350°F (175°C).

In a big bowl, the fouetter ensemble of concentrated sugar, the concentrated juice, the inside of the sun, the roofs,

And the vanilla extract has a soft and smooth consistency.

Verify the cream mixture into the caramel on the plate at four o’clock.

Ask the person:

Place the plate on four wheels on a plate on four large scales.  Replace the largest casserole of water that comes with the water.

On the places on the ground at four times.

Cook four pendants for 50 to 60 minutes, or use the cream that comes out of it and then put it inside the four.

The center resort property.

Sort the flan du bain-marie and laissez-le refroidir à ambient temperature.  Refrigerate a few minutes

4 hours or until the night.


To remove the flan, pass a couteau on the boards of the plate for the decoller.

Place a large service facility on the cuisson plate and return the rapid response to enable this device to be removed.

On the tray with the caramel sauce and cascade sauce.

Trancher and servers.


The classic caramel flan is an indoor dessert with all the gourmandise of an English cream with the same flavor.

It’s rich and caramel sugar.  This texture is so smooth and its presentation is elegant in a perfect dessert for

There are special occasions or if you want to see a nearby garden.  Enjoy this delicious dessert

Refrigerate for a saver and an optimal texture.

Love your flan in the classic caramel house!

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